Monday, September 2, 2013

My Wire Hanger Zombie

 Cheshire cat zombie, now that is a challenge.  I do not know what I am doing!  I shaped a wire hanger into the semblance of a four legged thingy.  Then I took apart a wooden hanger that was padded and wrapped the thingy like a mummy.
I cut out a pattern (which was wrong the first two time).  Like a taxidermist I stuffed, stretched and sewed until it looks pretty good, then sewed on some ears. 
I popped in some green eyes and made some eyelids with polymer clay as well as some fangs.
The first coat of paint is on and drying.  Next I will detail the big smile cause right now it looks like it has someones dentures in it's mouth.  This cat is giving me the stink eye!
And Mr C is on the move!


val said...

I'm loving it! I am "in process " myself. Right now, I am trying to figure out how to make brains......hahahaha!

Kerry said...

So Awesome !!!!
Val .... I'm also "brain" storming (Ok, I know that is sooo chessy, but I couldn't resist !!!)brains, at the moment !!!
Think I might have it !!!
Love your wire kitty zombie :-)

A Little Creation said...

He is coming along Awesomely!!!

Chris =]

jillytacy said...

He's amazing! I am in awe . . . he looks great in person too! The clay teeth, the whiskers, the eyes with eyelids, WOW! He looks like he's hissing a anyone who draws near; warning them that he'll attack and turn them into a zombie.

Thanks Kat, he is amazing!!!!!! I LOVE him!